Thursday, November 12, 2009

Okay, so that didn't go as planned . . .

. . . yeah, tinkering with the layout didn't work the way I wanted it to - all of the Blogger layouts are really narrow, like this one, and my internets skillz aren't quite l33t enough to do it myself. So I've returned with a slew of pictures of my recent knitting obsession - mini Christmas ornaments. Please excuse the blurriness in a lot of these - they are all webcam pictures. :)

Christmas Pickles - don't ask

Tiny Poinsettia

Santa Hat (on Hellboy)

Tiny Mitten


Okay, so I know the last pic doesn't have any knitting content, but that's my puppy Kaylee. Isn't she precious? :) I'm working on the second Tiny Mitten right now, and after that is a cabled ball, and then we'll see! I have a pattern for a tiny socks and a tiny hat and miniature knitting bags, so I might go on to those next. I'm totally enamoured with the miniature knitting - it's challenging enough not to be mindless, and it goes so darn fast you can make 6 ornaments in just a few days. :D I was going to take a picture of the Impatience Cowl but in this light (it is almost midnight) it just looks like a black blob, so that'll have to wait for better light. I also have a picture of the socks I have OTN:

Again, that's the Aquaphobia pattern in CJ Kopec Creations' Pandamonium, colourway Hello Kitty.

Well, that's all for now - back to knitting Tiny Mitten #2!

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