Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm baack! Okay, so waay too much has gone on in the past year for me to sum everything up, so here's the quick version.

1) New apartment. Nicer, but smaller.
2) Same job, but part-time now (selling Avon on the side)
3) Have a dog - Shih Tzu/Toy Poodle cross named Kaylee
4) Have a new computer - Acer Aspire One (netbook) so I can blog more easily
5) Still knitting, which is why I'm back. :D

I'll be posting some WIP and FO pics in the next little while - I'm going to tinker around with the layout here first to try and get them to display properly, but I am currently knitting . . .
-the Impatience Cowl from Simply Socks Yarn Company out of Dream in Color Starry, colourway Black Parade
-the Aquaphobia socks (on Ravelry) out of CJ Kopec Creations' Pandamonium, colourway Hello Kitty
-the Icarus Shawl from the Summer '06 Interweave Knits from Misti Alpaca Laceweight in dark green
-and lastly, the Green Gable Hoodie from the Winter 08 (I think) Vogue Knitting in Phentex Monster Ball (yes, acrylic) in dark green
-various assorted Christmas ornaments

Notice something missing from before? Yes, that's right, about a year ago I FINISHED THE SNAPPING TURTLE SKIRT! *happy dance* So now I have another giant green project on the needles that I am less than enamoured with (the hoodie) - I have been working on it since Christmas of last year, but both sleeves are done and set into the body, and I'm just doing placket shaping now before I hit the hood. So, progress is being made, and I would like to wear it to Christmas this year, as my in-laws bought me the yarn as a gift.

So, yeah. Pics coming as soon as I get the layout right!
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