Monday, April 7, 2008

I swear, this *is* knitting related.

I can't stand how some workplaces selectively enforce the rules - certain things are generally prohibited, but allowed as long as they do not interfere with a person's work. I understand that - and I don't let knitting at my desk affect my job performance. So why, on one of the slowest days we've had lately, when I am over half an hour between contacts, can't I knit? They're looking the other way with regards to my blogging, my being on Livejournal and other not-approved websites, and my making little origami kimono, but I can't knit, because "the Director is here". Shouldn't they be enforcing all of the rules on everyone, if they're that concerned about what the Director thinks? I know, it's their prerogative to enforce the rules or not, but the favouritism just gets me.

On a lighter note, I finished the first Claw Sock for Viking, and am taking a bit of a break from socks to make myself Mosey, which is a LOVELY cabled legwarmer pattern. I'm using the recc'd yarn, Patons Classic Merino in Leaf Green (my LYS didn't have the recc'd colour, and I just LOVE green), and it is so fun and FAST! It's nice to be working with worsted weight again, after so long with fingering weight and 2.75mm needles. I'll hopefully have the first one done today (if I can sneak in some knitting) or tomorrow, and I'll make sure to post pics when I do.

Also: any other old-school videogame geeks, go to PixelatedCreation's Etsy Shop. I don't know this person, but they work at the same place I do (found the site from a notice on the work messageboard), and the stuff is PRETTY. I'm going to order a few pieces from her - Viking is the real-life version of Edgar Figaro from FFVI, he even plays him at Moksa University, a Livejournal RP where we're both co-moderators (I play Tsukino Chibiusa from Sailormoon and Fujibayashi Sheena from Tales of Symphonia), so I just HAVE to get him one. And I like Moogles. (^-^)

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