Monday, April 21, 2008

FO: Mosey

FO: Mosey
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See - I have been knitting! Just finished these yesterday, and wore them to work; I've gotta come up with a way to stop them from sliding down as I walk. But they're great - the pattern is from this Spring's Knitty and I didn't change anything - recommended needles, recommended yarn. The only thing that's missing in the pic are the pompoms - I'm going to pick up a pompom maker today at Kismet (corner of Queenston and St. Paul) and hopefully not fail at making them.

In other news, the Elf and I are going to the Knitter's Frolic on Saturday! I'm so excited! *squee* We're going to have an epic public-transit adventure (the two of us have a tendency to get lost) and we're spending the day in TO. I'm hoping to get a drop spindle and some roving, some stitch markers, lots and lots of sock yarns and that's about it, unless I see something that I just HAVE to have. I keep meaning to order a ball-winder from The, as they have free shipping to Canada. Maybe if I see one on Sat, I'll get it there instead.

I've been meaning to start photographing my stash for Ravelry - it's the only part of it I'm not using. I just know it will take FOREVER - I don't have as much yarn as most people, but I'm not so good at the photography yet, so it'll be a lot of trial and error. Well, I have tomorrow of, as as far as I know no plans for the day, so maybe I'll drag out a drawer or two onto the porch and get started. In fact, if I go get ready for work, I can start today . . . okay, I'm off!

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