Sunday, October 14, 2007

A funny thing happened to me at the bar...

I know, not the way most normal knitting blogs start out. But, a funny thing *did* happen to me at the bar, and it was completely knitting-related.

So, tonight Viking, Photographer, Elf and I went to go see Groovy Food an AWESOME local band. I, as usual, brought some knitting with me to keep my hands busy-like a good girl, it was my Kaylees. So I'm sitting there, rocking out and powering my way through the short-row heel, when a lady sitting at the table next to us leans over and says something to Elf. I see both of them look towards me, and then Elf says something and the lady smiles. Naturally, I wanna know what they're talking about. Apparently the lady and the other 3 people at her table were trying to figure out what I was knitting. So I told (shouted at) them that I was making socks, then proceeded to pull the finished first sock out of my purse and hand it to them. They passed it around, all marveling at my awesome sock knitting skills.

Or so I thought.

They were amazed at how big it was. *dies* Now, they were also impressed by the sock, but when someone hands you a sock made for a Ladies Sz 12 foot, the sheer magnitude of the sock tends to overwhelm them.

Then, on the way out, another lady asked Elf what I had been knitting. Neat, but why do people feel like they have to go through someone else to ask about my knitting? Ask ME, gorramit!

As for my progress, I'm working on the cuff-yay! Almost there! I bought the yarn for Sister 1's Slytherin socks today-I've never knit socks out of 100% acrylic, so we'll see how it goes. It had to be easy-to-care-for, unnatural fibre because of my mother's propensity to not watch out for special-care garments in the wash. If anyone's interested, it's Vanna's Choice (I know, gag me) in Olive and some silvery colour (edit:the colourway is called 'linen') . Hopefully I'll have FINISHED Kaylee pics tomorrow and starter picks of the Slytherin socks. Cross your fingers for me!

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