Friday, October 12, 2007

FINALLY! A Picture Post!

I did it! I'm knitting again! Yaaay~! And I have the pictures to prove it this time!

FO-Wisp (detail shot)

First-Wisp. This is the nice end-if anyone is thinking about knitting this, do it, but PAY ATTENTION. Apparently yos and k2togs were a little much for me. :S But I still like it. Kidsilk Haze is sooooo yummy. :D

WIP: Shiny Socks

Next-Yes, you see right. I am *still* not done the Shiny socks. *sighs* But at least I'm knitting them again, right? I need the needles free, so I've gotta get them done soon. I've taken to knitting on my breaks and lunches (instead of reading about Claire and Jamie Fraser *sob*), but I'm very slowly getting into them again.

FO: Fibertrends Favourite Mittens

And finally-my fuzzy blue mittens! These were knit from that Fleece Artist kit I got at the Needle Emporium-honestly, maybe a day's worth of knitting, no more. Great fast knit on 5mm needles with double-stranded wool and mohair. If anyone's interested in the gauge, I'll measure it so you can make your own. Dead easy. :D These are part of my "Winter Blues" ensemble. I have a blue novelty scarf (Bernat Boa) that I knitted last year, and I picked up the kit to match it. Then, I'm going to knit a tam/beret thing in blue as well to wear with my black coat. Gonna look snazzy. :D

I still haven't started my Christmas knitting, but I'm not knitting for everyone this year-just for Viking, my sisters, and my mom. And I'm sticking to fairly simple projects for the most part. I'm hoping to have time to knit a pair of socks for my aunt-in-law. She DESPERATELY wants a pair.

I'm just glad to be knitting again. I have yet to go to Michaels since I've been back in Canada-and now that I've resumed my lovely hobby, I want to buy knitting stuff. :D Maybe I'll just order from Knitpicks-I can get the yarn for Sisters 2 and 3 that way at least (shrug and felted backpack, respectively).

Oh, and I'm probably gonna rip out the Snow Devil hat that I've been knitting since January. The pattern is...well, incomprehensible. I just don't have a clue what it's asking me to do. Hopefully the intended recipient won't mind a devil-horned toque instead.

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