Monday, September 24, 2007


I've hardly been knitting at all lately. I've been a little stressed out because of my living arrangements, and for some reason I'm not turning to knitting as a stress reliever (mostly because I don't have the energy to knit after 11+ hours out of the house everyday). I have almost finished knitting a pair of lovely double-stranded mittens (from the Fleece Artist kit I bought at the Needle Emporium), but I just cannot get motivated to work on my Kaylee socks. I don't know why. I want to knit a new pair of socks SO BAD, but the only 2.75mm dpns I have are in those damn socks. And I'd have to order new ones, as there is no longer a decent yarn shop around here, and my Michaels doesn't stock dpns that small. I've been slowly compiling a Christmas knitting list-Sister #2 was very explicit in her need for a 3/4-length sleeve black shrug, so maybe I'll start on that. But then I need to buy yarn for it, so I have to a)find the money and b)find the time to go to Michaels. I'm just gonna get Wool-Ease or something like that-something easy to take care of so my mom doesn't melt or felt it.

*sighs* I should go finish the last mitten. It will take all of 15 minutes to finish the darn thing-maybe then I'll be a little more motivated. I promise I will update with pictures one of these days-I've been having a hard time logging into my Flickr account.

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