Monday, August 20, 2007


If anyone tells you that moving to a new country isn't hard work, SMACK THEM.

Having said that, I have gotten a lot of knitting done in the past few days. Viking and I went to his cousin's wedding about 3 hours away from here (Kitchener, for all my fellow Ontarians), stayed at his parents' house Saturday night, and then went to Hamilton (about 2 hours away from his parents' house) for a going away party thrown by his grandmother. All in all, an exhausting weekend, but lots of car time = lots of knitting time! :D I've got some pictures of my Kaylee socks, but unfortunately they're a bit out of date - I'm past the heel now. But they still show off the pattern nicely. :D

WIP - Shiny Socks

Slightly blurry, but the colours are true and the pattern shows up nicely. Apparently, taking pictures in natural lighting works wonders-who knew? :P

WIP - Shiny Socks (detail)

Here's a detail shot of the pattern. I just love the way it's turning out. I've also decided to alter the pattern a little - I'm ribbing the back of the calf so they have a better chance of staying up. :D

Also, last week was The Needle Emporium'sTent Sale! :D Of course, Elf and I went, and I took some pictures.

The Needle Emporium

Yaay Needle Emporium! The store is in an area of Ancaster that looks like it's very historic - all sorts of old stone buildings and olde-tyme pubs and the like. The store itself is in an awesome-looking stone building.

Needle Emporium Tent Sale

Here's the Tent Sale itself. What they were doing is bags-o-yarn. A small back was $45, etc. and you had to be able to hold the bag closed with one hand. UNFORTUNATELY, I didn't plan in advance very well-Viking wants a cabled fisherman's sweater, and I neglected to look up the yardage for the one he wants, so I couldn't pick up the yarn at the crazy discount. Other than that, I was kinda underwhelmed. There was a *lot* of novelty stuff, and I'm not so into the novelty yarn, so I passed on the tent sale itself but bought regular-priced yarn from inside the store proper. *facepalm*

Mountain Colours Bearfoot

Isn't this *preeety*? You might remember the autumn-coloured skein of sock yarn I picked up the first time Elf and I went to the Needle Emporium. Well, this is the display of that brand of yarn-Bearfoot by Mountain Colours. See that emerald-green skein on top of the pile? MINE. :D I just recently found out that the cover of the last Inheritance Trilogy book has an emerald-green dragon, so that is destined to become part of my Sockology (which I have not abandoned - I just needed a break from the dragon scales).

Claudia Handpaint!

I also saw this - Claudia Handpainted Yarn - that I've only ever heard about on Lime and Violet. Unfortunately there weren't any colourways that particularly grabbed me, so I didn't get any.

So the sum total of yarn purchases for the trip was around $80 Cdn. I got the Bearfoot and a wool/mohair mitten kit by Fibretrends, and Elf bought a ball of Kidsilk Spray in this pretty gray colourway.

So that was my last yarn-shopping trip in Canada. I'm hoping to hit Michaels before I leave so I can pick up some Lion Brand Thick n' Quick - I have a shrug I've been dying to knit, and I'll need the warmth in Iceland. I'll hopefully have a finished Kaylee in a few days, so I'll post again with updated pics once I do. :D

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