Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blogging from Iceland

Well, here I am. This is my first-and probably my last-post from Iceland. Due to circumstances beyond my control, Viking and I will be heading back to Canada this weekend. I'll get into the gritty details another time, when I'm not posting from a common computer in a shared living room. But, the upside of being here and not being able to do anything due to the cost of coming home is that the Viking and I have been spending a lot of quality time together watching Firefly again-and that means quality knitting time! We've watched 5 or so eps (up to and including "Our Mrs. Reynolds" for anyone who knows the series) and I've been plugging away on both Wisp and my Kaylees. I'm just trying to decide if the leg on the first Kaylee sock is long enough-I was going to try and do the proportions that Wendy Knits uses(fold the sock in half and make the leg as long as the foot) but I think I might be too impatient for that. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures before we leave-but I'll have a few good occasions for posting "sock on holiday" pictures. The flight back takes us to a few different airports-first Keflavik, here in Iceland, then to Logan International in Boston, then to the Halifax airport (I've totally blanked on it's name) and then to Mount Hope in Hamilton. It'll take 2 days for us to get back to Canada, but it's definitely worth it-I've been missing home SO MUCH these past few days. And I realized today that when I get back to Canada and get a job I can order yarn for the sweaters I've been designing (keeping in mind that I've never finished a sweater before...maybe I should get the book about sweater finishing that was mentioned on this week's Lime and Violet). Viking and I will be staying with my mother and sisters for a while in my dear little hometown, so I might not post as often as I have been, but I will be here in spirit, knitting my little heart out!

You'll hear from me again soon, I promise! Ciao!

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