Monday, August 13, 2007

Bad Blogger. No Cookie.

I've been a baaaad faery, not updating as I should. I move to Iceland 2 weeks TODAY *dies* and so we've started packing and getting everything we need together.I have, however, still been knitting. Of course, I've been working on my Wisp, but I've also recently cast on for Kaylee socks. My friends and I-mostly me, Elf, and Viking, but The Photographer and Dutch were there for some of it-just finished watching Firefly, the sci-fi cowboy series by Joss Whedon. And 2 days later I see that there's a sock pattern named after Kaylee, the Serenity's mechanic. I'm knitting them from my Lime and Violet Sasquatch Superwash - I've got a picture of it back a few posts from when it came in the mail. It's in the Organ Grinder colourway, and I think it suits Kaylee to a T-it's all pink and pretty, but with a lot of black, which I like to think of as Serenity's engine grease. :D I've already had to cast on 4 times, all due to stupid mistakes that were entirely my fault. Hopefully the fourth time is the charm.

Okay, I've gotta go get ready for work. I'm hoping to update this post with pictures later in the day, maybe when I have more on my Kaylees done (I've taken to knitting at work :D)

Ciao! :D

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lindsay said...

Omgosh thanks for that link, I'm such a huge firefly and kaylee fan and those socks live up to their name. I'm definitely adding them to my list!

I hope your move goes swiftly!