Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'm getting there!

WIP - Viking Socks

Just turning the heel on the first sock. It would be going faster if it weren't for these:

WIP - Twinkletoes

I love these things. This is Twinkletoes from the Winter 06 Knitty - I'm making them for my friend Kitty - she's going to Japan to teach english for a year, and these will be her going away present. This is the second time I've knit these - my junior bridesmaid (Sister #2) wore these to my wedding. One important note - if you're going to make these in the adult size, MAKE THEM LONGER. I tried to knit a pair for myself and they ended up WAAAY small (mind you, I have size 12W feet), and so I added an extra 5 rows of plain stockinette to Kitty's and they are fitting her just fine. So, yeah. Check and double-check to make sure they're the right size - I had done the heel on mine before I had to rip them out. :(

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