Saturday, June 30, 2007


I haven't been knitting a whole lot lately - there's been some drama in my house, but I think we're past it now so I can get my knit on once more. To quickly sum up - my husband found out that he was accepted to do his Master's Degree . . . in Iceland. So I'm probably moving there mid-August. But fear not, blogeteers! The knitting will continue - I will be in the home of Icelandic wool, after all. And there won't be much else for me to do while Viking (my husband) is at school.

But enough of that. I shall reward your patience at my blog-absenteeism with a few pictures (some knitting-related and some not!)

Mimi at Faeryfest

Guess who? :D This is me at the Faery Fest I went to last weekend - I absolutely LOVE faeries, and medieval/renaissance costuming, so it was the perfect festival for the Faery (moi) and the Elf (my fae-folk compatriot).

Elf at Jackson-Triggs Winery, NOTL

Here is the aforementioned Elf, at a winery near where we live. Beautiful day + beautiful scenery + wine tasting = SCORE. :D

Okay, last non-knitting related shot, I promise.

Wine at Jackson-Triggs

I just thought this looked cool - my 3 glasses and the Elf's 3 glasses set up for our tasting, awaiting the cheese plate so we could start. I liked the reflection of the wine on the table. :D

Okay, NOW for a knitting-related shot - a WIP shot of my latest pair of socks.

WIP - VIking Socks

This is the beginning of the Viking Socks - socks for Viking, my DH. They are entirely of my own design (yaay!) - short row toe and 2x2 ribbing so far, with plans for a plain stockinette short-row heel and cables on the cuff. They're knit from Naturally Merino et Soie - which feels WONDERFUL. I got it dirt cheap from the aforementioned store closing sale at my LYS - which reminds me, I wanted some Baby Cashmerino . . .

WIP - Viking Socks (action shot)

Action shot of the selfsame socks. They're big on me, so hopefully they'll fit him.

Well, off to go get ready for the day - me, Viking, and Kitty (my Japan-bound friend) are heading off to my mother's house to go swimming today, and I have to make sure I pack my knitting! Ciao!

PS:Elf, if you want your picture taken down, just tell me. I'll replace it with something else. :D

EDIT:OH! I forgot to mention - I think I FINALLY found the yarn for my Glaedr socks (for my Inheritance Sockology!) Cherry Tree Hill's Merino Supersock in Sugar Maple! (link to Ariadne Knits). I was checking out the sock yarn on Ariadne Knits this morning because they're offering a 10% discount to Summer of Socks participants, and I saw that and nearly DIED.

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Kristen said...

I'm so jealous. I'd love to live in Iceland!

And here I thought I'd found my perfect cold climate here in ontario. :)