Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21st!

Not only is today the first day of Summer, but it's the beginning of the Summer of Socks! I've got a least 4 pairs already planned - goal #1 is to finish my Saphira socks! Then I'm going to design my own (not for the design contest, 'cause they're going to be very basic) for my husband, then *something* for my L&V sock yarn, and finally my Thorn socks (pair #2 in my Inheritance Sockology). Wish me luck!

EDIT: Finished my Saphira Socks! Yaaay! Oh, what's that? You'd like pictures? Weel, how's about THIS!

Completed Saphira Socks - Top

Aaaand THAT!

Completed Saphira Socks - Side

First Pair DONE! I cast on for the DH's socks tomorrow (well, later today!) I'm going to the local (3 hours away!) Faery Festival this weekend, so I don't expect to get *too* much done, but we'll see. Expect pictures of a knitting Wenchfaery. :D

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