Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So I've officially, finally, started knitting Christmas gifts - and I think I'm going to frog the darn thing. Sister #2 requested a Slytherin scarf (yes, I know I said Gryffindor in the last post, but she's since changed her mind), and I thought I had the perfect green yarn. Turns out I don't really like the texture of the yarn in the 1x1 ribbing, so I'm trying to decide whether or not to a) pick a new green yarn entirely, or b) start the thing again in stockinette, knit in the round. Dilemma dilemma. I don't have the yarn for the one other gift I have to knit, but I figure one mini-Sister-sized scarf and a hat for the Elf isn't too bad (I've already picked out the pattern for the hat, and I could probably make it in a day, *and* it doesn't need to be finished until AFTER Christmas). I've also finished two socks, each from a different pair, which completely finishes one pair and leaves another half-done. I'm going on overnights at work for Christmas (1130pm-630am) so I've been trying to flip my sleep schedule, leaving me dopier and stranger than normal with not enough brain power left over for much knitting. I also proofread five books on natural disasters in the past week, so between work, sleep, and proofreading I haven't had time for ANYTHING.

To be honest, every time I sit down to knit I just want to cast on something new - the big thing lately is the Podster Gloves by the lovely Glenna C. I'm a big texter, and my phone has a touch screen-although I love my Totoro mitts, pulling my ENTIRE mitt off to check a text is just not feasible, especially when I'm walking to/from work. I haven't picked out the yarn yet, but I have a few ideas in mind.

I also want to make the Moso Netbook Sock from Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders-I picked up the book from BarnesandNoble.com for THREE DOLLARS (US, but still an AMAZING deal). I'd love to make this in Malabrigo sock, but I want it to be matchy-matchy with my black and blue computer so I'll have to hold off until I have the fundage for yarns again.

Ahh, yarn fundage. I was thinking about it a few days ago, and I've been on an involuntary yarn diet since AUGUST. I've been so broke that buying yarn has been the last thing on my mind, and now I'm actually starting to RUN OUT OF SOCK YARN.

I KNOW. It scares me too.

I've asked for some yarn store gift certificates for Christmas, so hopefully the yarn famine ends soon. :D

Sorry, no pics this time - I have to actually think about posting when it's light outside to get good pics, and as it's 12:41am, that's not going to happen.

All right, I'm going to do some more knitting and stay up super-late again (the record so far has been 630am). Ciao!

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