Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lookie What I Did!


I have re-dyed the yarn I (briefly) mentioned in my last post, wound it up, and ta-da! I have a finished swatch for the Evenstar KAL! ( Ravelry Shawl Link | Ravelry Swatch Link ) The colours aren’t quite right up there – it’s definitely more green than that, but all of the colour-correct pictures turned out TERRIBLE. For example:


See? The colours are pretty much spot-on, but you can’t tell what the F it is.  So, now that the swatch is done (on 3.5mm needles, or US 4s), I’m just kind of killing knitting time until the 12th of February, when the first clue comes out. I’ve been working on a pair of plain stockinette socks out of Noro Silk Garden Sock, and I frogged the Vampire Boyfriend socks (waaaaay too much purling) – I kind of want to start the Haruni shawl ( Ravelry Link ), but that’s two shawls on the needles once we hit Feb 12th. Unless I can start and finish it before then . . .

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