Thursday, January 17, 2008

Knitting Update

Hey guys! Sorry I've been so absent lately - not a lot of knitting time. But I am here, and I have pictures!

WIP: Sheepie, pre-felting

Here is my Fibertrends felted sheep, pre-felting. This pattern is SO EASY. It has a little bit of short-rowing, but any knitter would be able to do it. Just trust the instructions - really. Do what they say, no matter how weird you think it sounds.

FO: Sheepie

And here is Sheepie post-felting, complete with stuffing and seaming and a little i-cord bown (made from my LnV sock yarn). SOOO CUUUTE!

And I leave you today with an update on my Inheritance Sockology.

WIP: Green Dragon Socks (Inheritance Sockology pt 2)

I've already written a mini-treatise on this photo, so I'm just going to copy and paste the notes to the picture on Flickr:

"One of my favourite places to knit - The Golden Pheasant (aka The Duck) in downtown St. Catharines, listening to one of my favourite bands (Groovy Food). Still plugging away on my as-yet-unnamed green dragon socks (the 3rd Inheritance book was supposed to have a green dragon on the front, but after I started knitting the second sock I found out that Glaedr, the gold dragon, will be on the front of the now-titled Brisingr)."

Catch ya later!

EDIT: I entered Sheepie in the Plushies are Our Friends contests in the dAknitters group over on deviantART - and tied for second! Woohoo! :D

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Kim McCabe said...

Love the little lamb! So cute :)

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