Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm still here, honest!

Christmas is a lot of work, that's all. I actually come bearing progress! I finished all of my Christmas knitting (and stenciling) on time, thank GOODNESS. Right after I finish my Mom's Secret Garden Tam, I started the next pair of socks in my Inheritance Sockology which will still hopefully be relevant. Book 3 was supposed to have an emerald-green dragon on the front, but now there are going to be four books, so who knows what will have changed. I was DYING to use the yarn (Mountain Yarns Bearfoot in Olive, which is superwash wool and mohair and nylon and YUMMY) so I just went ahead and knitted anyways.

WIP: Green Dragon Sock - Inheritance Sockology

The colour isn't quite accurate, a much deeper green, but the fact that I am slowly becoming nocturnal does not help in getting good shots.

In other knitting news, for Christmas my in-laws got me enough acrylic to knit a sweater - with the pattern and appropriately-sized needles.


Their hearts are in the right place, and I will knit that sweater, just because they actually got me something I (kind of) asked for this year.

Aaaaand, my darling, wonderful, thoughtful Viking got me.....

Christmas Gift from DH!

AAAAAHHH! A SWIFT! It is SO lovely, and apparently there are rumours of a ball-winder to come as well. Now I just need some undyed yarn and some dyes, and away I go!

Also - Viktor died. :( I got a new hamster, and named him Boo. This is he:

Boo B. McMullen, MGSH

He's so active and curious and loves to run around. Very different from my sedentary Viktor.

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Kim McCabe said...

Hamsters are adorable, my neices have one and they just love him to pieces :). My husband's Chihuahua is named Boo :)

Kimberly McCabe
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