Monday, December 3, 2007

I've Been Knitting, I Swear!

It's just been slow-going, so I don't have a lot of progress to report. Just one sock:

WIP: Slytherin Socks

And the next is in progress. These are Sister 1's Slytherin Socks for Christmas. Now, I know, the green isn't right. I ordered the yarn from Etsy, and definitely didn't end up with the colour I expected. Sister 1 was there when I opened the yarn and she said she liked the colours, so here's hoping. Worse comes to worst, she and I have the same size feet, so I know they'll fit me. :D

I also tried my hand at making felt things.

Acorn iPod Cozy

And for scale:

Acorn iPod Cozy - Size Comparison

I like it, and it doesn't scratch my screen all to hell like my last case did. I also really like acorns. :D

The only other interesting thing going on right now is this:

Viktor H. McMullen

My new baby, Viktor the hamster. Isn't he precious?!

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