Thursday, November 22, 2007

TA DA!!!!


WIP: Shiny Socks (Profile)

(don't mind the beer bottle in the back - it's been a rough few weeks)

Yes, ladies and gents, I am FINALLY finished the Shiny socks, also known as my Kaylees, also known as The Sock Project Of DOOOM. I bound off less than 1/2 hour ago, and I'm wearing them to work tomorrow. I really needed to get the needles free so I can start Sister 1's Slytherin Socks (once the yarn comes), so I finally buckled down and did the last 2 pattern repeats.

In other news, Viking and I are in our new place - yaay! I'm just getting things unpacked, so there's not a lot of crafting, but I have started knitting again now that we have TV for me to use as background noise. I'm knitting a modified Circle Shrug for Sister 2, and will be stenciling a shirt for Sister 3, and knitting a beret for my mother, so there will be some hardcore crafting in the next few weeks. I've also started cross-stitching again (it is ALMOST as addicting as knitting for me, but harder on the eyes). Plus, I got a really cute idea for an iPod cozy, so I'll be trying my hand at making cutesy things out of felt soon. Viking and I are going out tomorrow, and we may stop at Michaels. For his birthday in October, I told him I would teach him to knit, including buying any supplies he needed to start up. He hasn't decided what to knit yet, so maybe going there will inspire him. Also - I want to fondle more yarn. :D

I am *so* glad my crafty mojo has come back - look for more here very soon!

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JustTansy said...


*applauds wildly* Wha-a-hoo way to complete knitting socks, they're so bloody hard to knit!! Hence why I just got past the heal turn in my first pair and put them down and haven't picked them up since Summer. That and I have to rip back a bit now that I see where I should have picked up along instead of where I did. My bad. Doubt my jim would even wear these socks but then again his fashion sense is well... *lol*

I even managed to finish a friends had that was admiring the one I made for myself. I'm almost done my first mitten for myself and will have to do the next one and then I'll see what I do after that. Hubby's dropping hints he wants me to knit him this Superman Scarf or hat pattern my knitting buddy found but I'm not too confident in following patterns so...

Glad to know someone else in the Southern Ontario knits then just myself and my friend.... was begining to wonder there.

From the pics you've seem to have done a real professional job at those socks and with a great yarn. Am tempted to start over again with the one I started... mmmm.

Stay ramped stilly,