Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'd forgotten how exhausting training is.

I started a new job on Monday, and I am EXHAUSTED. I have knitted exactly 40 sts (actually, I've cast on 40 sts) since Sunday, and those were about an hour ago. However, I did take some knitting-related pictures.

WIP - Mystery Stole 3

This is about how far I am on the Mystery Stole. I'm actually 10 rows farther than this but I didn't want to block it out all pretty again for such little progress.

WIP - Twinkletoe #2

And this is how far I am on Kitty's Twinkletoes. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm about halfway through casting on the 66 sts for the first tie. Maaaan, I love knitting these slippers, but I *HATE* casting on and off for the ties. You cast on 66 with the Cable cast-on, and then use the Decrease bind-off to go back down the other way. I don't even get to knit those stitches! :(

In other news, I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night (another reason I am so tired). IT. WAS. SO. AWESOME!!! I won't spoil anything for those who haven't seen it or read the book, but to my fellow HP fans - this is the BEST book-to-movie translation in the series. SO. GOOD.

But yeah. That's all I have to post about for now - lack of sleep is severely addling my brain. But on Saturday Elf and I are going to The Needle Emporium in Ancaster, so I will *hopefully* have yarn pron on the weekend or early next week. I'm DYING to at least feel Lorna's Laces, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

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